My name is Greta Samuel.
I am illustrator, educator and story artist based in London. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.  
For three years I worked in the same academy as Teaching Assistant in the Lithography Studio and also spent a year as an Illustration Lecturer.
My illustrations, comics and graphics have been exhibited in Holland, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Poland, UK, Hungary,
Ukraine, Germany, Russia.

I have been featured in: Amnesty International, 'Charaktery', "Kikimora', 'Wysokie Obcasy', 'Cwiszn', Praga's Museum and Wilanow Palace Museum.

Right now I am working as In-house Senior Editorial Illustrator at Culture Trip.

Feel free to get in touch at:

• "You + Me = Us” and "Move"  as a part of exhibitions on International Comic Festival Fumetto, 2010, 2012, Luzern, Switzerland
• Group exhibition „Public space/ Personal space”, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Hague, 2014, Holland
• Group exhibition, "Polish Print/ Hungarian Kiss”, Latarka Gallery, Budapest, 2014, Hungary
 Group exhibition, "Litho-Graphy” in Forno di Zoldo, 2015, Italy
• Group exhibition "Zygmunt Januszewski & Illustration Studio" (Zygmunt Januszewski & Pracownia Ilustracji'), 2018, Poland
• Group exhibition "Editorial Illustration" ('Uwiklani w tekst, ilustracja prasowa') in Lublin, 2018, Poland

• Minister’s of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements, 2012, Poland
First Award in 'IllustationStartUp!', 2012, Poland.
Second Award in International contest 'A well designed book, let’s start with children', 2012, Katowice, Poland.
Second Award in comic contest, Shalom Foundation, 2013, Warsaw, Poland
 First Award in comic competition „Poetry comic”, Port Literacki, 2014, Wroclaw, Poland.
 Communication Arts Annual, Shortlisted in editorial category, 2019, USA
 3x3 International Illustration professional Show No.16  Winner-merit Gallery (How to make a matcha tea?',
How to eat with chopsticks?), 2019, USA.

 3x3 International Illustration professional Show No.16  Winner-merit Gallery
Is the Film Industry Really Fixing Gender Imbalance?), 2019, USA.

 3x3 International Illustration professional Show No.16 Honorable Mention (Dinner in Tel Aviv), 2019, USA.

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