London-based illustrator Greta Samuel explores the complexities of moving to a new city in her touching graphic story ‘A Flash of Red’.
Originally from Poland, Greta Samuel worked at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw before relocating to London. Drawing from personal experience, ‘A Flash of Red’ captures the emotional struggle of finding your place in an unfamiliar environment. Set in a busy, indifferent London, Samuel’s illustration explores the central choice we have to make when faced with uncertainty: whether to let it plunge us into loneliness or embrace it as a transformative experience. For Samuel, relocation is ultimately a chance to learn something new about yourself and the world. Brought to life through Jola Bańkowska‘s subtle animations, Samuel’s artwork is a reminder that a sense of home and belonging can be nurtured even in the most challenging conditions.

This piece is part of Culture Trip’s original fiction project on the theme of arrivals and departures in London, New York City and Hong Kong.

Idea / drawings by Greta Samuel
animation by Jola Bańkowska
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